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Our high quality LEDs create beautiful, energy efficient light

Our high quality LEDs create beautiful, energy efficient light

So you’ve probably heard about LED lighting – about how it benefits the environment by conserving energy, about how durable it is, and about how it can save you money on your energy bill. If you’ve had an outdoor lighting system for some time, you probably considered LED when it first came out, but when you saw the unnatural light color, you shied away. You were not alone in this choice. For years, homeowners and outdoor lighting professionals alike avoided LED. Like all new technology, LED outdoor lighting needed some years of development and a lot of tweaking. Even just a few years ago, the light it emitted carried a blue hue and just didn’t look good. And while outdoor lighting also provides safety and security, one of its primary functions is to augment the look of your property and to enhance the atmosphere of your property.

Today, fortunately, the ugly, old LED light can be a thing of the past with Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh’s high quality, Cree LED outdoor lighting. Using these components and fixtures you will find that the color temperature of this LED outdoor lighting is indistinguishable from your old halogen system. We could literally replace some of your halogen bulbs will LEDs and you would be unable to tell the difference. Actually, many homeowners who do additions to an existing system use LEDs because they blend seamlessly and can allow the addition of more fixtures since they pull less voltage.


LED_outdoor_lighting_Raleigh So what is holding you back? This summer is hot, and that means a higher energy bill. Now is the perfect time to switch your old halogen system over to Raleigh LED outdoor lighting. Not only will you have beautiful outdoor lighting, but the month-to-month costs of operating your outdoor lighting system will decrease. With LED durability, you will have fewer bulbs to replace in the coming months, and these systems are easier to maintain. In many cases, if you have an old Outdoor Lighting Perspectives system, we can retrofit your system, eliminating the need to purchase new fixtures. All of these translate into summer savings for you.


So call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh today! We can get your system updated with the best LED outdoor lighting technology on the market. It really is possible to have a beautiful property that conserves energy at the same time.

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