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Give your Raleigh outdoor lighting system some lighting insurance with our lens filters.

We do a lot to maintain our homes and yards in Raleigh. We routinely cut and water our grass, trim and prune our landscaping and paint and decorate our homes. We also maintain homeowner’s insurance to protect our investment. In fact, protection may be one of the reasons you decided to have your Raleigh outdoor lighting installed to begin with so a little bit of “lighting insurance” can go a long way too.   Regular maintenance of your system can keep it looking its best and adding lens filters to your well and spot lights can ensure your system runs safer.

Raleigh outdoor lighting makes your home look beautiful and your outdoor spaces more useable. Being sure your system performs at its peak means making sure all your bulbs are working, fixtures are not knocked around and the lighting effect is not being obstructed. The later can easily happen without much notice, especially as the leaves begin to turn their beautiful reds, yellows and oranges and eventually fall to the ground. At the same time we can get some heavier rains and winds that blow debris and mulch around. That’s why our well and spotlight lens covers are such an important component of your

Lens covers protect your fixtures and lighting effect.

Lens covers protect your fixtures and lighting effect.

Raleigh outdoor lighting system. Lens covers are protective shields that snap onto your fixtures. Our lens covers are available with a brass frame that withstands pesticides and other chemicals used in lawn maintenance and contain clear tempered glass for easy cleaning.  They keep leaves and debris from covering the bulbs, which can obstruct the lighting effect and can trap heat in the fixture. This hazard can be potentially dangerous if enough heat builds up to short the fixtures or cause a fire.

Decorating is a snap with the acrylic colored filters.

Decorating is a snap with the acrylic colored filters.

Not only do our lens covers protect your Raleigh outdoor lighting fixtures, they also provide a quick and simple way to decorate for any holiday, special event or even to show your school spirit. Optional acrylic colored filters can easily be snapped under the covers to illuminate colored light onto your home, trees or landscaping. Imagine decorating for Halloween with the amber and purple filters or red for NC State. Decorating is fun with the rainbow of colors available in green, red, dark blue, light blue, amber, purple and orange.

Keeping your outdoor lighting system safe and protected with the use of lens covers from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh provides lighting insurance. Give us a call today if you’d like to add lens covers to your system and add peace of mind for yourself.


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