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Today's high quality LED outdoor lights are just as beautiful as their halogen counterparts.

Today’s high quality LED outdoor lights are just as beautiful as their halogen counterparts.

Do you remember the first LED you saw? Maybe it was the headlight of a car, or a brand new light bulb that belonged to a friend. Your friend was ecstatic because it would “last for years”. But probably what you remember most was the color. Sure, it emitted light, but that light was blue tinted and very bright. It probably hurt your eyes a little, and your only thought was, “I would never use that in my house!” Then you heard more about LED outdoor lighting. You heard about its durability and its cost savings, and while those aspects were very enticing, you just couldn’t get over one little detail – the blue. Who wants to illuminate their home with a cold light? Since ambiance and curb appeal are two of the main reasons for installing outdoor lighting, it seemed to defeat the purpose. But now, Raleigh, we have good news for you. Today, Raleigh LED outdoor lighting can be just as beautiful as halogen and it’s still more durable and energy efficient.


Our LEDs are manufactured to produce consistent and superior results.

Our LEDs are manufactured to produce consistent and superior results.

Over the past few years, CREE, the provider of the LEDs utilized by Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh, has invested significant time and resources into making LEDs as beautiful and appealing as they are energy efficient. Our new, high quality CREE LEDs are different because of their temperature rating on the Color Rendering Index (CRI). 2,700 – 3,000 Kelvin is the optimal color temperature for warm, natural light. Anything over 3,200 appears blue; anything below 2,700 will not have sufficient lumen output to provide effective illumination. The LEDs we use have a CRI rating of 3,000K. This not only makes them perfect for your Raleigh outdoor lighting, but it also allows us to mix LEDs with halogen bulbs without anyone noticing a difference.


Stunning, energy efficient lighting is within your reach.

Stunning, energy efficient lighting is within your reach.

LED is now the better outdoor lighting choice for most homeowners because it provides beautiful illumination and is also cost effective to operate. Raleigh residents who have installed LED outdoor lighting from Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh have experienced up to 83% energy savings per hour! A client whose halogen system pulled 3,400 watts dropped that consumption down to 535 watts when the system was converted to LED, and LEDs last longer. While halogen bulbs will be cheaper when initially purchased, they will likely need to be replaced every year. LEDs will last for many years. Additionally, many halogen systems can be retrofitted to utilize LED components. This means you might not need to replace any fixtures, and you won’t need to replace your transformer. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh’s transformers are warranted for life, so don’t let another provider tell you that it will need to be replaced in order to convert to LED. Because LEDs consume less wattage, you can actually add many more lights to your system and still use less energy than you would with your original halogen system.


Beautiful light, durable components, and dramatic energy savings – Raleigh LED outdoor lighting is looking much better and brighter than it did a few years ago. If you are interested in making a change in your outdoor lighting that will last for years to come, call Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh today. With these advances, the only thing you have to lose is that high energy bill.


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