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outdoor LED lighting Raleigh NC

Outdoor LED lighting is energy efficient and cost effective in the long run.

When LED technology was first made available, blue or overly bright lighting hues were often used to describe their lighting effect. That was then, and this is now. LED technology has evolved and is ready for prime time. We at Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh can assure you that our outdoor LED lighting systems embody that same warm, amber colored appearance we have come to know and love from traditional halogen outdoor lighting.

Making sure your home's outdoor lighting provides the most aesthetic ambiance is our goal.

Making sure your home’s outdoor lighting provides the most aesthetic ambiance is our goal.

We ensure our LED outdoor lighting creates the desired warm and romantic outdoor lighting effect, through utilizing several techniques. With LED lighting you’ll hear the terms “warm white” or “cool white”. The reason for this is the temperature level is directly correlated with hue. We are able to control the temperature levels of our LED lighting fixtures and, therefore, can control the lumens (level of brightness) and color. Simply put, we can configure the color hue of an LED fixture to your desired color hue. Long gone are the days of LED having a blue or bright white hue.


Our nighttime demonstrations are a great way for you to see exactly what your home would look like with outdoor LED lighting. You are able to see firsthand exactly how your lighting will look when it’s installed, prior to it actually being installed. We can demonstrate with both LED and traditional halogen lighting so you can see for yourself that they are nearly impossible to tell apart.

In order to see how LED outdoor lighting looks on your home, sign up for a free nighttime demonstration by calling us today at (919) 854-5566, emailing us at, filling out the form to the upper right, or by visiting our website. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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