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Our pathway lighting can make your backyard even more beautiful in the evening!

We have numerous satisfied customers in Raleigh and the entire Research Triangle Park who had outdoor lighting installed to accentuate their home’s exterior. We’ve noticed that several of our customers have recently undertaken gorgeous landscaping ventures. Furthermore, we have customers for whom we installed lighting on the front of their homes that are making the transition into their backyard. Seeing the beautifully designed landscaping, we cannot help but become ecstatic about showing the home owners the potential their backyards have with our exceptional tree, pathway and focal point lighting.

LED outdoor lighting can be installed so all you see is the effect.

LED outdoor lighting can be installed so all you see is the effect.

Our accent lighting can provide perfect illumination to nearly any type of foliage. Also, our pathway lighting does add a certain necessary safety element to the equation. In most cases of backyard lighting installations, we prefer the more modern implementation of the more energy efficient and low maintenance LED system. LED lighting has matured and will soon surpass halogen lighting in all aspects. Not only do our current LED lighting fixtures have the capabilities of traditional halogen lighting, but LED technology allows for easier adjustment of lumen levels (brightness level), maintaining the same spread and angle of light and again, lower energy costs. The slim LED well lights (flood lighting) we use allow for our fixtures to blend in more naturally with the vegetation and provide the same, if not better, perfect illumination of your backyard’s landscaping. No matter what your backyard landscpaing/architecturally constructed set up consists of, we have all the fixtures to suit your lighting needs.

With outdoor lighting, your backyard is all yours, even at night.

With outdoor lighting, your backyard is all yours, even at night.

We have installed nearly every kind of lighting to accentuate new landscaping projects. Whether your backyard needs LED well lights for uplighting the trees, the use of LED bullet spot lights for accenting a gathering point (pergola, or outdoor kitchen), or even LED wall lighting to help illuminate hardscaped steps, we can handle any lighting job there is. Our LED systems allow for less wiring, and at the same time provide enough wattage for our low-voltage lighting to display at any level of brightness desired. If you want to see how our outdoor accent lighting can make your backyard landscaping, or any other landscaping, really shine visit our website, fill out the contact form to the upper right, or call us at
(919) 854-5566 for a night time demo.


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