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induction lighting Raleigh NCDo you remember when LED lights would give off a blue, almost spaceship like light? That was years ago, yet many people still associate LED lighting with that same blue hue. With great strides and technological advances in outdoor LED lighting, the color hue of LED’s has been perfected. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh utilizes only the highest quality LED fixtures and is capable of keeping your home awash in a gentle, amber glow of light just the same as halogens are capable. The only difference: outdoor LED lighting can last 50,000 hours!

outdoor LED lighting Raleigh NCNot only has LED lighting made outdoor lighting systems more user friendly and longer lasting, but they have allowed for lower wattage systems to power them. Running on nearly ten times less power than its halogen counterpart, you’re not going to be spending as much money on actually using your outdoor lighting system. The days of having to call your outdoor lighting system professional over burnt out bulbs are long gone. With exception to our annual maintenance, you more than likely won’t have any lighting issue for a decade or more.

outdoor LED lighting Raleigh NC

outdoor LED lighting Raleigh NCThe days of LED’s emitting a blue light are long gone. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh has the newest in outdoor LED technology and can even show you how your home would appear illuminated by LED lighting by way of our 100% completely free nighttime demonstration. There is absolutely no better way of knowing how your home will appear with the addition of outdoor lighting than seeing it firsthand before a single fixture is ever installed.

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