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Raleigh NC outdoor lightingWouldn’t it be great if the lights in and around your home were always on when you need them and always off when you don’t? This is now a possibility. Lighting Control Automation (LCA) allows for you to decide when and where you want to have light in your yard and on your property. Custom designed lighting accompanied by an automated lighting timer system has taken outdoor lighting in Raleigh NC to the next level.

outdoor lighting Raleigh NCBy adding LCA to your outdoor lighting system, you and your guests never have to leave or arrive to a dark home. Also, the security around your property is significantly upgraded and you can save money on energy savings by only using your lights when you need or want to use them. Quickly rushing out the door while it’s still dark outside can lead to tripping hazards, with LCA that’s a thing of the past. Lighting Control Automation automatically adjusts dusk and dawn times to move as the length of the days change throughout the year. LCA even takes Daylight Saving time into account and adjusts itself accordingly.

Raleigh outdoor lightingWith some areas controlled automatically in concert with the sunlight, others respond to someone flipping the switch in the house. This allows for homeowners to choose which areas they want or need illuminated at different times. Different areas of your yard can be lit at different times. If you have a gathering in a certain area of your backyard and only want your moonlighting (down lighting) to cast illumination upon your yard, you are in total control. LCA allows for the ultimate flexibility in how to use and enjoy the view of your outdoor living spaces during the evenings.

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