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Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of RaleighHere at the offices of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh, we are taking time this week to think about all of the many blessings we have to be thankful for. As a small locally owned business, we depend on so many people and other businesses to help make us successful and to enjoy what we do every day.

On the top of our list is our outstanding staff. We couldn’t ask for a nicer, more dedicated group of professionals to collaborate with. If you have ever called our offices and spoken with any of them, you know. You can tell we are dedicated to providing not just excellent outdoor lighting, but customer service to match.

shutterstock_272220959We are also grateful to be part of such a vibrant community. Raleigh, and the entire Research Triangle Park is an amazing place to work and live. There is such variation and diversity throughout. The people are so warm and generous. I can’t think of anyplace I would rather be a small business owner.

While we are capable of completing nearly all our jobs without aid, we have to give thanks to those who lend a hand. We are eternally grateful to our suppliers who assist with solving sourcing problems and other building trade professionals who step in to help when the need arises. Stuff is always going to happen, but if you have good relationships with your partners, you’ll get through your challenges.

Raleigh NC outdoor lightingFinally, we are thankful for all the customers who have become our friends. Sure, we have clients that we only see once for a one-time Raleigh outdoor lighting installation and of course we are grateful for their business. But there are plenty of others families who collaborate with us on new lighting designs season after season, year after year. We are so thankful that they keep calling us. They are just a joy and we are grateful to be part of their lives.
David Rohrer, Owner
Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh
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