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Raleigh outdoor lightingNow that the leftover turkey is packed away and the mashed potatoes are all consumed, wreathes, bows, Santa Clauses, and Christmas trees are gracing the interiors and exteriors of Raleigh. Though a few of you began preparations before Thanksgiving, it’s now really “beginning to look a lot like Christmas”. Candles are popping to life in windows, and the eaves of many homes are now trimmed in shimmering lights. As you begin to place your decorations, you may find pieces that aren’t pre-lit can get lost in the shadows after the sun sets. No one wants that. Every bow, berry, and icicle should shine. Whether you celebrate Christmas or Hanukkah, lights are a traditional and essential part of these holidays, and they also serve to make other décor visible at night. So what lighting best ensures your outdoor decorations can be seen at night? Spotlighting.

Raleigh NC outdoor lightingWhen the notion of spotlighting first occurs to some, their reaction is to rush out to a home improvement store and purchase a few fixtures and extension cords. Yes, you can do this, and you will have spotlights shining on your décor. However, remember that extension cords are a temporary solution that can be unsafe. Even cords rated for outdoor use are not meant to be left out for weeks and subjected to the elements. They can be accidentally jerked part way out of an outlet and are easily nicked. And once either of these happens, they become hazardous. Additionally, cords draped over your yard are really unattractive and will stand out sharply this time of year in the absence of thick grass – not to mention the tripping hazards they create. This quick fix also leaves you with the task of lighting your home in potentially unsafe conditions and with only a few fixtures. Without many fixture options, you may end up blasting your eyes with light through a window or every time you open the front door.

LED outdoor lighting Raleigh NCOf course, your other course is to hire a professional. A professional, like Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh, will have different types of spotlights and bulbs to choose from and will be able to create the best possible illumination without blinding you. Expertly placed spotlights don’t just drive darkness away from your decorations. They also add visual dimension that can only be achieved through truly great lighting. Our lighting systems are low voltage, and the wiring is buried. You won’t have to worry about chords ruining the appearance of your yard nor the hazards they can create. Additionally, the lens covers of our spotlights can be changed out for Christmas colors! With just a snap, we can turn your spotlights red, green, blue, or yellow, and you can decorate your home with light. Underneath a colored glow, trees, shrubbery, and architectural elements take on a festive tone even if they are not trimmed with bows or garlands.

outdoor lighting durham ncNow that we are counting down the days to Christmas and New Year’s Eve, let Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh help you finish decorating for the holidays and showcase your best outdoor décor with spotlights. Bathed in light, whether natural or colored, your home will radiate holiday cheer to all who visit or pass by. Contact us today by calling us at (919) 854-5566, emailing us at, filling out the form to the upper right, or by visiting our website for even more information. We look forward to hearing from you soon!
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