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As a child, remember how frightened you were in the dark? It wasn’t as much about the lack of light as much as it was the imagined dangers hidden by darkness. In about 2 weeks, you’re going to start coming home in that darkness when Daylight Savings time ends. Fortunately for you, Raleigh outdoor lighting can make you feeling safer.


Raleigh outdoor lighting does more than just making your home look brighter at night, the colors of your landscaping stand out in the evening, and your entertaining areas more enjoyable after twilight, it can also increase the safety and security around your home in three important areas.


Driveway lighting helps safely guide guest in and out.

Driveway lighting helps safely guide guest in and out.


Start by lighting your driveway to not only create a magnificent entrance but also help navigate you and your guests to your home and away when its time to leave. How many times has someone started to back up only to realign the car and try again in the dark? Driveway lighting can make for an easier route, especially if there are curves, retaining walls or shrubs lining the drive.


Pathway lighting helps guide you safely to your home.

Pathway lighting helps guide you safely to your home.


Once you and your guests have easily made way to your parking spot, a pathway will likely be the next area that benefits from Raleigh outdoor lighting. You may know there is a raised stone at a particular spot that offers a tripping hazard but your guests won’t. Maybe a hose was forgotten about, a child’s toy left in the way or a fallen tree branch that could become dangerous if not seen in the dark. Walking is easier and safer when you can see what’s in front of your next step. Outdoor Lighting Perspectives of Raleigh can install beautiful path lighting that shines ambient light on the walkways while also highlighting the landscaping nearby.


Safe entryway's include Raleigh outdoor lighting.

Safe entryway’s include Raleigh outdoor lighting.


Lastly, once you have arrived at the door you want to be able to easily find the lock to enter your home quickly and safely. Entryway lighting can not only help you do this but can also illuminate any stairs that lead to your door. It can also help identify anyone at your door after dark by properly revealing his or her identity.


In addition to these three areas around your home, Raleigh outdoor lighting can add beauty to your majestic trees, create a cozy reading nook in your garden, a relaxing spot to unwind around your pool and add hours of enjoyment to your nights. Don’t be afraid of the dark any longer with the help of Raleigh outdoor lighting. Give us a call today for your free consultation before Daylight Savings time ends next month.


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